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Steven is the writer and blogger of Fix Zilo who loves to write about tech and gaming. A blog that helps people solve their computer problems. When he's not writing, he's playing video games or watching TV. He is a big fan of science fiction and fantasy movies and books.74 Articles

Jordan is an Editor at Fix Zilo and a tech-savvy guy who loves to write about gaming and solutions. He provides helpful tips and tricks for gamers and techies alike. When he's not writing or gaming, Jordan enjoys spending time with his family.51 Articles

I have been devoted to Tech innovation for quite a while, since the time of adolescence, and was continually intruding with different equipment and programming. Graduation in PC designing from a renowned institute like CAMBRIDGE was a fantasy that worked out and empowered me to pursue my fantasies in a quick manner.35 Articles

Allison is a tech enthusiast who is giving a shot to general tech fields, whether it's software or hardware. She is started to work professionally as a tech reviewer 6 years ago and now has an adept taste in devices. She is still pursuing her carrier and making decisions to focus the 21st-century innovations.35 Articles